Friday, March 25, 2011

645 ARTISTS signed up!!!! Take a Look!

Diane Costanza #626 in the Artist Blog Hop created this really cute, funny piece of art and I knew I needed to share it with all of you! I love finding art that is unusual and funny and beyond the usual of creativity, I think this piece definitely qualifies don't you? A few months ago I drew a face with a butterfly on a ladies nose but I never finished it. Maybe I will take it out and give it another try. Her blog is beautiful so take a look if you can.

Kris Wiltse #632 in the Artist Blog Hop has a beautiful blog called Drawings From Life in which she has some amazing art work, one being the above watercolor. Please go and check out her blog and give her some blog love.

Linda Teddlie Minton #633 in the Artist Blog Hop has posted these awesome romantic letters from her Grandfather to his future Mother-in-law (click on the picture to read it closer). I was so touched by the chivalry of this letter, the man (her Grandfather) actually asking the mother for his hand in marrying her daughter! What a lost art in todays generation!
We are bringing up our boys with gentlemanly behaviours and habits and pray that they will ask their future parents for permission to marry their daughters! May this art not be lost on my boys!

Well, just a few little goodies to look at from the newer artists that have signed up on the Artist blog hop. Wow, I cannot get over all the talent in these ladies, in all the ladies signed up! If you get a chance browse through some more artists and if you can let me know of some of your favorites I will post them on here.

Hugs and blessings, have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Emakesart said...

Hi Kelly. Thank you for sharing these links with us! I love that letter! Have a good weekend.


Diana Mieczan said...

Wow..each piece is so amazing and all the ladies are so talented. Have a fantastic weekend, my dear

Manon said...

Thanks Kelly for introducing me to these artists. I love your blog and need to catch up a bit I can see there is some yummy stuff going on here.

JolieArt said...

I love being introduced to blogs I haven't seen before and these 3 look so inspiring!

Rebecca Anthony said...

These are so fab!! I I just love the blue bird on the nose, it's priceless!!!

~~Kristal~~ said...

A wonderful post as always.. Oh and I wanted to thank you for showing me Ingrid Dijikers art.. I just signed up to take a class with her at art and soul in Hampton Va. I am super excited..:-)

Thank you again..


Diane said...

Thank you Kelly! I appreciate you posting these blogs!
P.S. My daughter is getting married next year (for the 2nd time--hopefully the last) Well anyway, our future son-in-law asked my husband for his blessing to marry my daughter--isn't that great?!

TJ said...

Wow I've never done a blog hop. It looks fun but I don't fully "get" how they work! I'm going to sit back and observe...
Thanks for sharing the fun,
from germany,

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Thanks for sharing these links Kelly, I will go and have a visit with them. I love the bird on the nose